SEA 4.0

31 Mar 2017

SEA 4.0 is the official  event that was held at SEAPOINT Fano on 24 February, 2017

As the name suggests, SEA  4.0 represents the latest version of our company.
The event that was an opportunity to present and share plans and objectives for 2017 with staff and also our suppliers, customers, and partners. We also reflected on some of the activities that were developed and undertook in SEA 3.0 these included: the SEA Affinity Training Program, practical supervisory workshop sessions, upgrading our foreign language skills and setting up a training archive.

SEA 4.0 will:
– strengthen our 5 Co-Ordinates concept
– build on our Quality initiatives
– grow in both the Industrial sector and SEAPOINT Service
– expand in the area of research and development
– initiate the SEA Academy
– continue with Digitization (including the development of the SEAPOINT APP and portal and install new software for data management and technical drawing)

All the above activities are about achieving a shared macro-objective: to full satisfy our customers!


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